"So, what is easier for you..."

​Hoping for more transactions, and commission checks. or get started with the California Way."

Marketing Strategy

"Learn how average Realtors go from drowning in paperwork and barely doing 

'OK' to earning $1 Million+ year. Year after year after year..."

Are you OK with...

​A less than fantastic Income? Chasing strangers with poor credit, low down payments and substandard commissions?

Most Realtors earn the commissions related to Repeat Sales and Referral Transactions. But, they just don't get paid for it.

The California Way is a 48 page, full color, individualized-customized publication designed to be mailed directly to the Realtor's very best clients-prospects. The Realtor is featured in 20+ places throughout the publication. The California Way asks for referrals.

The California Way lands directly on the Client's Coffee table. All the Realtor has to do is provide a list of 50 or more 'best clients-prospects.' We take it from there...Customized with Realtor Photo, Logo and Contact information. Individualized letter to each person. No other Realtors to compete with.





According to the National Association of Realtors...